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Audio Yiayia's Kitchen Children's Books

Yiayia's Kitchen Patience Digital download with Audio

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If you are looking for stories on the go, or some help with bedtime reading, these digital audio books can be fun and helpful.

Enjoy the entire set read by the wonderful Χαρίκλεια Μαρή, voice artist, singer and producer.

Bring the stories of "Yiayia's Kitchen" to your phone or tablet. 

"When I spent time in her kitchen, Yiayia taught me important lessons about life."

Yiayia's Kitchen: Patience teaches children that when things are rushed, they may not always turn out like we would like. When “Koukla”, ignores what Yiayia tells her, she comes to understand why she must be patient. Her mistakes are met with careful, loving explanations that young readers will understand, and empathize with. Full of beautiful illustrations and heartfelt messages, the Yiayia's Kitchen series will be a hit for kids big and small.