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Yiayia's Kitchen Children's Books

Yiayia's Kitchen 3 Book Complete Hardcover Set

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Enjoy all three stories and lessons with the complete set. 

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3 hardcover books included. Full of beautiful illustrations and heartfelt messages, the Yiayia's Kitchen series will be a hit for kids big and small.

"When Yiayia taught me to cook in the Greek tradition, I learned about my heritage and I learned important life lessons."

Yiayia's Kitchen: Honesty shows children the importance of telling the truth, no matter how hard it is. When “Koukla” makes a mistake while cooking with her Yiayia, she does not admit it, but her error is soon revealed when the family is sitting down to dinner. Though she finds it hard, Koukla tells the truth and is forgiven once Yiayia explains why it is important to be honest. 

In Yiayia’s Kitchen, the most important thing is family. Koukla worries because her cookies don’t look as good as the ones Yiayia and Theia are making. Her cookies are different. They don’t look as pretty, and it makes her sad. She longs to make the same beautiful shapes as her aunt and grandmother. Yiayia sees she is upset and explains she didn’t always know how to make such perfect cookies. She, too, had to learn. Yiayia tells Koukla the cookies will be delicious because they all made them together, and even if they look different on the outside, they came from the same ingredients.

Yiayia's Kitchen: Patience teaches children that when things are rushed, they may not always turn out like we would like. When “Koukla”, ignores what Yiayia tells her, she comes to understand why she must be patient. Her mistakes are met with careful, loving explanations that young readers will understand, and empathize with.