About the Author- Brianna Koucos Midgley

Brianna grew up in Salt Lake City, UT in a family who loved their Greek heritage and Orthodox faith. Among her fondest childhood memories are the times she spent with her beloved yiayia (Greek for grandmother). In Yiayia’s kitchen, she was not only showered with love, but learned many valuable lessons. Those memories have stayed with her throughout her life, inspiring and shaping her as a person and as a mom.

With her young daughter, and now with her readers, she shares stories of her yiayia and those special moments. From passing down Greek family traditions, to life lessons, Brianna shares her grandmother’s timeless wisdom in her Yiayia’s Kitchen book series. This celebration of the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren, evokes precious memories, and connects generations. Perfect for kids ages 3-10, her books make great gifts for kids and yiayias alike. What a fun gift for a new baby or to announce a pending arrival to a future yiayia!

Brianna is available for an in-person or virtual visit to your school, church, or library for story times and author talks. Want to use her books as a fundraiser for your church or school group? Contact Brianna at inyiayiaskitchen@gmail.com